• Restoration of nails (stabbing nails)
  • Strengthening gel/acrygel
  • Extension
  • Basic designs (French, gradient)
  • Practice on a model
2 Day
  • The structure of the nail plate
  • Diseases of the nail plates
  • Disinfection and sterilization
  • Parsing cutters. Sawdust
  • Stages of combined manicure
  • Selection of bases
  • Stages of leveling and coating with gel polish
  • Causes of detached and parsing errors
1 Day
Course program
Interested in trendy nail designs and want to learn how to create various nail art designs
Looking for an affordable and convenient course that allows you to learn the basics of manicure even without prior knowledge
A beginner in the world of manicure and want to learn the basic techniques to start your career
This course for you, if you are

Basic Nail Course

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